The mission of BCC is to improve the quality of life for individuals and families in the Eastern Brandywine Hundred area by providing a range of affordable and accessible educational, recreational, self-enrichment, and family support services.

40+ Years of Service

The Bellevue Community Center - formerly known as the Edgemoor Community Center - has been quietly yet effectively serving the communities along the Philadelphia Pike corridor in Wilmington for over 40 years. Annually, over 5,000 community members are served by the Bellevue Community Center through a broad range of educational, recreational, self-enrichment, athletic, cultural, and family support services and programming. 

BCC is unique in that it serves economically and racially diverse populations which mirror the neighborhoods along the Philadelphia Pike between the southern boundary of Claymont and the northern boundary of the City of Wilmington.  It truly is a "center of community", and it hosts other civic and community groups and meetings, manages a 20,000 square foot community garden, facilitates organized athletic teams, and is a practicing member of the Delaware Prevention Coalition. 

The Bellevue Community Center is a cornerstone of the community, which includes neighborhoods that range from affluent, to middle and working class, to low-income and at risk.  Over 65% of BCC program participants (approximately 3,250 per year) are from low to very-low income families, many of which reside in the Edgemoor Gardens and Edgemoor Terrace neighborhoods.


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